Relocating Your Office Space Checklist

Taking your company from Point A to Point B may seem at first to be a simple matter of "get up and go," but if you plan ahead, you'll get it done without too much trouble.

Follow a checklist like the one below and you and your employees will be ready to work in the new Office Space once the move is completed.

Complete negotiations with future Office Space landlord, taking into account location of Office Space , price of Office Space, remodeling needs of the new Office Space, electrical and Office Space requirements.
If necessary, negotiate release from current Office Space lease.
Contact the phone company to reserve new phone numbers or transfer existing ones to the new Office Space.
Prepare artwork for announcement letter, business cards, stationery and envelopes with all details concerning the new Office Space.
Get change of address cards from the post office, or create your own.
Make appointments with the utility companies for cutoffs and new hookups at current Office Space and new Office Space.
Schedule phone installation for new office space and set date to transfer numbers to the new Office Space.
Design new Office Space, including use of old furniture or purchase of new furniture. Discuss plans with employees and solicit their input on the new Office Space.
Establish criteria for purging files and throwing out old materials from current Office Space.
Install custom wiring in the new Office Space for telephone and computer networks.
Inform current customers of the move to the new Office Space, visiting some in person, where appropriate.
Arrange for extra help to pack, clean existing Office Space and unpack at new Office Space.
Arrange for extra help at home for family needs while you are tied up moving to the new Office Space.TOP

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