is a web site portal providing a range of business resources to potential tenants seeking space. We provide the tenants with instant access to view and make comparisons to locate the executive suite most suitable for their business. works with all types and sizes of executive suites. Currently our database stores information on over 3,000 suites across North America.

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Please Review Our Commission Agreement Below

Our fee schedule to receive tenant referrals is:

10% Commission on:
" All offices occupied during the life of the contract".
"This includes expansion offices & renewals.

Commission determined:
" The commission is determined by multiplying Monthly Office Fee times the term for all offices occupied, from initial occupancy to termination
" Monthly Office Fee is the rental of office space for client use and does not include communications equipment, furniture or services.
" If the client has a Tenant Representative, the commission is split between the Tenant Representative and the referring Broker on a 66%:33% basis.
Payment terms:
" At commencement of initial lease term, or any renewal term at time of commitment

Office Space Search USA shall receive all commissions due upon the signing of leases

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