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500 commercial real estate professionals located from California to New York and from Florida to Washington. Office Space Search USA's expertise makes searching and finding the ideal space easy. Our agents are your local agents, our everyday business is to facilitate leases and purchases in your neighborhood. Office Space Search Professionals posses the kind of insight that can only be realized after years of industry experience.
Our members realize that in order to help a client locate the ideal space they must listen to that client. They must be able to evaluate the tenant's needs and match those requirements to spaces that are currently on the market or will be in the future.

Our Team of Licensed professionals are considered to be among the best in the USA. We can provide you with recent sales, lease pricing statistics, vacancy rates, a space calculator plus much more information in order to insure, you get the best possible deal with your lease or purchase.
There is never a fee nor will you be bound by any obligations. We look forward to working with You.

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